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Christmas Tree Recycling

Hart District Council has arranged for Christmas trees to be recycled from a number of locations from Saturday 4 January until Sunday 2 February 2020.  See more details here.

Cemetery Gate Closure

Just to remind you that the main cemetery gates at the entrance to the drive will be closed on Saturday 4 January 2020, as advised on the notice of opening hours.  Closure is for one day only. We hope that this does not cause any inconvenience.

Guides Future Girl Plastic Promises

To mark Parliament Week the 1stOdiham Guides visited the Parish Room to learn about local representation at work.  They took the opportunity to lobby for action on a subject close to their hearts – the problem of pollution by discarded, single-use plastic.  They had...

King Street speed data

The SID recently monitored traffic in King Street outside the entrance to Mayhill and Buryfields schools for 4 weeks.  The road is used by approximately 750 vehicles per day and the average recorded speed was just under 19 mph.  85% of vehicles were travelling at less...