Crownfields site

Letter agreed by the planning committee at the meeting held on 16 July to the developer regarding the Crownfields site in the NH Plan.

Affordable Housing Consultation Event

OPC in partnership with Hampshire Alliance for Rural Affordable Housing, whose members include Hart DC, Hastoe Group and the Rural Housing Enablers at Action Hampshire are arranging an affordable housing consultation event on Wednesday 11 July, 3.30-7pm in North...

Hart Local Plan – Strategy and Sites 2016-2032

Submission to the Secretary of State of the Hart Local Plan: Strategy and Sites 2016-2032 On Monday 18 June 2018, Hart DC submitted the Local Plan: Strategy and Sites 2016-2032 to the Secretary of State. This stage of plan making is known as the Submission stage,...

Rural Exception Scheme

Please see our new website page on the progress of a Rural Exception Scheme in the parish. The page can be found under the heading of planning.