Parish Councils have an obligation to provide an allotment site if there is a demand by 10 or more residents.  With this in mind, the Parish Council have identified the site on Hook Road as being suitable for development into allotments. We currently have a plan for 19 allotments on this site along with parking for 12 vehicles for allotment holders.  Only residents in the parish may have an allotment.  If anyone moves more than one mile outside the parish boundary, they are required to give up their plot.

OPC has now split the project into phases:

Phase 1 - is the installation of the water to the site, completion of the access off Hook Road, further clearance of the site due to regrowth, repairs to the fencing and construction of the car park area.  These works started at the end of November 2017 and are almost complete. We are currently looking at what is affordable within the agreed budget for Phase 2.

Phase 2 - Details coming soon

In the meantime, the amenity committee have approved the allotment tenancy agreement, rules for the site and the fees.  Each plot will cost £50 per annum, with a refundable deposit of £50 per plot and a refundable deposit of £10 for a key to the car park. The allotment rules will be reviewed annually and will be sent to tenants with the annual rent request.

You are very welcome to add your add your name to the waiting list by emailing the deputy clerk giving your name, full address and phone number or you can complete the Application for an Allotment Registration of Interest.

Please note that you may only add your name to the waiting list if you live within the parish and agree to OPC holding your personal details on file to be used only with regards to allotments.