Cemetery (7)At the top of the hill in King Street is the entrance to the cemetery, which was consecrated in 1860 by the Bishop of Winchester. By 1859 the churchyard was full and a new burial ground was needed. Odiham Burial Board of local worthies was formed. The initial plan was to purchase three acres in Chalk Pit Field from Sir Henry Mildmay of Dogmersfield Park, but he wanted £200 per acre. The board then settled for two and a half acres bought from J.G. Seymour, the local banker, for £100 per acre.

The two mortuary chapels, the north for non-conformists, the south for Anglicans, the cottage and gates were designed by the Winchester architect J. Colson, and cost £1050 to build. The Burial Board borrowed £2000 from the government repayable from the Poor Rate. The Parish Council took over responsibility when it was formed in 1894. The chapels have not been used for many years, but as listed buildings are maintained by the Parish Council. Major renovations were carried out in 1991 and a more recent programme commenced in 2015. Each chapel has gross external area of 57m2.

The cemetery was enlarged in 1913 and the northern extension was purchased from A.J.Parsons in 1939. There is an area set aside for RAF burials, and there is now an area for non Christian burials.

If you wish to arrange for a burial or interment of ashes please apply to the Cemetery Administrator, Mrs Sue Bennett via the parish office on 01256 702716 or via cemetery.officer@odiham.org.uk.

For details of arrangements and costs for burial or interment of ashes please see:

Cemetery Fees
Cemetery Rules
Declaration of Residential Status 

Exclusive Rights – please be advised that there is a charge of £50 to transfer exclusive rights
Statutory Declaration
Form of Assignment
Form of Assent
Form of Renunciation

Notice of Interment

Application to erect a memorial

Memorial Testing – 9 November 2015

The stability testing of the memorial headstones in the cemetery has now been completed. Those that were found to be unstable have been laid down. Please see memorials laid down 2015 memorials laid down 2015 for further details.