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Teenage Facilities 

In the s106 agreement for Montfort Place, the developer will pay OPC £100,000 prior to the 60th dwelling being occupied towards the provision of a youth hub or similar facility in Odiham.  Following consultation with residents, it was agreed to convert the old basketball court to a MUGA and to install a wooden trim trail.  These projects were completed in October 2018.

The trim trail above has a chicane, balance run, low hurdles, horizontal monkey bars, stride jumps, over and under hurdles, balance beam, balance weaver and leap frogs.

The MUGA has squared closed goals with provision for basketball at each end. It also has a wicket panel, hot shot target wall, penalty shootout target panel, 4 sets of line markings for football, basketball, netball and cricket.

4 December 2017 - The amenity committee compiled a survey on Survey Monkey to seek the public's view on equipment and the most suitable site.  These results (combined with results from paper copies) were considered at the EGM on 29 November.  Prior to the meeting, the Chair of the committee prepared a discussion document for members of the committee.

7 October 2016 - Please see the notes from the meeting held with Adam Green, Ecology and Countryside Manager at Hart DC.

6 September 2016 - Following the research undertaken with teens in our parish, Cllrs met yesterday with a member of Hart’s countryside team to progress this project by discussing locations and equipment to purchase with the s106 funds expected to provide a teen recreation facility.

There were lots of good ideas and open minded thinking.