Proposed Teenage Facilities: 

In the s106 agreement for Montfort Place, the developer will pay OPC £100,000 prior to the 60th dwelling being occupied towards the provision of a youth hub or similar facility in Odiham. This page will aim to keep you updated on the progress of this project along with minutes of the amenity committee meetings.

4 December 2017 – The amenity committee compiled a survey on Survey Monkey to seek the publics view on equipment and the most suitable site.  These results (combined with results from paper copies) were considered at the EGM on 29 November.  Prior to the meeting, the Chair of the committee prepared a discussion document for members of the committee. The minutes from the meeting will be approved at the next committee meeting, due to held on 8 January 2018.

7 October 2016 – Please see the notes from the meeting held with Adam Green, Ecology and Countryside Manager at Hart DC.

6 September 2016 – Following the research undertaken with teens in our parish, Cllrs met yesterday with a member of Hart’s countryside team to progress this project by discussing locations and equipment to purchase with the s106 funds expected to provide a teen recreation facility.

There were lots of good ideas and open minded thinking.  This project will take some time to progress but we will keep you updated.

August 2016
The council recently received the feedback from a series of consultations with the young people in the parish regarding amenity facilities that they would like to see in our community.  This was commissioned by OPC based on the imminent s106 funding aimed at improving amenities for teens that will come from the Hatchwood/Montfort Place development and OPC’s desire to make sure that the intended users (teens) get to input into the nature and location of the equipment that this money might be able to provide.

The most popular facilities were a covered venue to hang out (preferably with Wi-Fi); a zip wire and or climbing facilities; a concrete skate park; an overhaul of the existing basketball court next to Leapfrogs, with the option of floodlights; a trim trail/fitness equipment and public tennis courts.

There was an overriding preference for siting any facilities centrally with Baker Hall and the Recreation Ground being the preferred locations. Provision of cycle ways featured highly but were generally viewed as a method of getting to a facility. There was some interest in the Wharf and a few mentions of the BMX track at Bartley Heath, but concern from the teens surveyed was expressed over accessibility and safety in reaching these sites. All three groups showed little interest in Montfort Place (Hatchwood) as a location for facilities.

The council will be considering these suggestions carefully, along with input from residents and Hart DC.  The next steps are to look into initial costings to see what is realistically achievable.  We hope to follow this by conducting a follow up survey via Survey Monkey to gain a definitive view of the most popular ideas.