Improvements to a section of footpath 21
Whilst the maintenance of footpaths is not in OPC’s remit, we have responded to resident’s concerns about a section of footpath 21. OPC approved the use £9,892 of s106 Highways Contributions from the Hatchwood/Montfort Place development for improvements to a section of this footpath between London Road and Farnham Road at an EGM on 18 December 2018.

HCC have advised that the works are now completed to the section of FP21.

Bus Shelters at and opposite The Crown
At the meeting on 19 November 2018 the T&T committee were advised that Hampshire Highways have advised that there is not enough space to install a bus shelter at the location opposite The Crown as the extent of the highway extends up to the rear of the footway outside the property Deansgate.

Some members of the committee felt that there is room to install a bus shelter here, particularly as there used to be one at this location and will be making contact with Highways to discuss this further.


15 May 2019
OPC has received a letter from HCC today regarding our application to modify the Definitive Map. The application has been added to the register and large waiting list and may take some time before a case officer is able to investigate.

12 April 2019
Thank you to all those residents who completed the User Evidence Forms for the DMMO application for the path at Mildmay Court. All necessary forms have now been sent to Hampshire County Council for them to consider and progress.

As you may be aware, access to the footway from Reyntiens View to the cemetery has been closed by the management company at Mildmay Court. Several residents have expressed their concerns to the parish council at the loss of this access.

OPC’s Traffic and Transport Committee has agreed to apply to Hampshire County Council for a Definitive Map Modification Order (DMMO) to try and re-establish the public’s access.

The committee are seeking advice from the Open Spaces Society regarding the closure of the path through Mildmay Court and have agreed to request that Hampshire CC make a Definitive Map Modification Order to register the path as a right of way.

Bike Racks
OPC have purchased bike racks which are due to be installed on the High Street outside of the Bel and The Dragon by Hampshire Highways.

Useful Information
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