Latest News – Buses 4 February 2015

Many of our residents will be aware of the changes to our local bus services that have seen the withdrawal of the number 30 bus route. This leaves the High Street and the East of the village without a service, severely impacting many of our less mobile residents. Since before Christmas when notified of this change, OPC has been pressing the service provider Stagecoach – and other relevant parties at Hart and Hampshire Councils, regarding this situation and doing all we can to restore an adequate service for our parish.

In a meeting with OPC and Hart on the 26th of January, while confirming that their changes to our bus service were driven by a assessment of its financial viability, Stagecoach agreed to at least look at the following 3 points:

  1. Returning some level of service to our High Street.
  2. The safety of current stops at RAF Odiham (inc. a return to entering RAF Odiham as they used to).
  3. Scheduling for Alton College students – as currently the bus leaves at same time lectures finish resulting in all students missing the bus.

While there is no guarantee that Stagecoach will make these changes, OPC will continue to make every effort to ensure they consider them.

Please see the following for more information:
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