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Odiham, North Warnborough and RAF Odiham Neighbourhood Watch

Following the launch of “Home Watch! In the U.K. In 1982, Ian Gornall founded the local group Odiham, North Warnborough and RAF Odiham. Neighbourhood Watch now has a network of over 800 residents who are regularly kept informed of crime and disorder issues by email. Alerts issued by the police or trading standards are distributed together with appeals for witnesses to specific incidents. It is vital that all crimes and acts of anti-social behaviour are reported to the police, either directly by ‘phone using 08450 454545 or 101, or via nhw@odiham.org.uk.

The principal objective of Neighbourhood Watch is to encourage all residents to be vigilant – to report all suspicious observations and incidents to the police. At the same time it provides a conduit for the police to distribute crime prevention advice, and to appeal for intelligence about specific incidents.

An approved SCHEME can be formed to cover any logical grouping of properties – one street or several perhaps – when a STREET COORDINATOR can get at least 50% of the households to support its formation. Residents invited to join can confirm their support using an email response or a sign-up form. About 30 households per scheme is considered to be the optimum for sustaining effective communications.

Window stickers, street signs and home insurance discounts are now conditional upon sign-up and SCHEME approval.

All STREET COORDINATORS in Odiham and North Warnborough are supervised by the AREA COORDINATOR, Sally Tunstell (01256 701805, Sally.Tunstell@btinternet.com). Sally also represents Odiham on the Hart Community Safety Partnership and the Hampshire Neighbourhood Watch Association.

Matters of general concern are covered in the Odiham Society Journal and monthly issues of the Parish News.

Gordon Wrenn continues to manage an e-mail communications network to enable a prompt two-way exchange of information between residents and the police. The network presently consists of some 35 street co-ordinators and another 150 contacts, covering Odiham and North Warnborough. Information received can then be distributed to neighbours when it is relevant – in whatever way best suits them. If you wish to join the network you can send your name, address and telephone number via nhw@odiham.org.uk or using the voicemail at The Police Office on 01256 405272.

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