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Online reporting to Hampshire Constabulary

It’s now easy to report a number of different crimes and incidents online at the Hampshire Constabulary web-site –

Reporting a road traffic incident
If you’ve been involved in a road traffic collision, or witnessed an offence on the roads, report it using our simple online tool. Visit

Reporting a crime
If you’ve witnessed or been the victim of crime, please report it via

Is it an emergency?
If you or someone else is in immediate danger, please call 999.


Grounds maintenance

OPC is reviewing the grounds maintenance contract for all of it’s areas. If you are interested in providing a quote, please contact Sarah Weir at for further details.  All quotes must be received by 22 February for consideration at the meeting on 4 March 2019.

Precept update

At our last full council meeting OPC resolved to increase the precept request that it will make to Hart District Council for 2019/20. In plain terms, this means we have asked to increase the tax that Hart collect on our Parish’s behalf, by approximately an additional £1.01 per month, on the council tax charge for a Band D property, or just over £12 per year.

While £1 per month may not seem much, as we have not increased the precept for some time, we felt that it was important to put some context to the decision.

Hart DC collects the Parish precept from council tax payers and passes this on to Odiham Parish Council to cover the cost of running our local council and its activities.
Since 2015/16 the Odiham Parish component of each council tax payers’ annual demand has fallen fractionally – for a benchmark Band D house the amount passed to Odiham Parish Council has fallen from £60.38 per annum in 2015/16 to £60.32 per annum in 2018/19. This has happened against the backdrop of a period of austerity and with OPC being asked to take on increasing functions that may have, in past years, been covered by District or County departments. As well as OPC unilaterally expanding and supporting the range of activities that our community enjoys. The periodic newsletter that the Parish Council publishes has covered these many and varied activities, on top of the one-off projects that OPC has delivered in recent years.

Over previous periods we have been determined to hold the precept static, despite the cost of actually running the council rising due to inflation and increased scope of activities. We have done this by drawing down on reserves that the council holds. These reserves have been built up over a long period and are held to protect the council from any genuinely unexpected events that need to be funded, and to enable the council to undertake larger scale projects for which there is no discrete funding forthcoming. The reserves are not strictly in place to limit the precept collected each year from members of the community although they have been used for that purpose over the past difficult decade. However, the council has reached a point where it now receives less total funding, in terms of precept receipts and other recurring income, than it costs to run its core ongoing activities.

To avoid drawing once again on reserves OPC resolved to bring its costs and revenues, budgeted for 2019/20, into balance to ensure that reserves remain available for the purpose that they exist for. To do otherwise is not sustainable – once reserves are exhausted this would be inevitable anyway, and the council has taken the prudent decision to act before any of the activities that it undertakes come under threat due to lack of funding.

As a Council, we will of course continue to seek additional grant funding that have successfully underpinned our recent significant projects such as our new Junior play park, Canal information boards, Multi Use Games Area, Fitness Track, Allotments, WW1 Centenary Peace Garden, Toilet Refurbishments, Footpath Resurfacing and the RAF100 celebration.

However, we hope that members of the community will understand that with the Odiham Parish precept having effectively remained static for several years, after the effects of inflation we need to ensure that the council is financially sustainable.

Affordable Home Ownership Event

Hart DC would like to inform you about their joint Affordable home ownership event which they are organising with Rushmoor Borough Council. It will be held on Tuesday 19 March between 2pm and 8pm at Rushmoor Borough Council offices. 

This is the fifth event following the success of the Joint Affordable Home Ownership Events previously held with Rushmoor in October 2015, April 2016,  April 2017 and March 2018. These events have been very popular in the past with lots of positive feedback.

This event is a good opportunity for registered providers to promote their organisations and affordable home ownership in general. Recently completed schemes, and schemes expected to be delivered in Rushmoor and Hart have generated a lot of interest to people planning ahead looking to buy in the next few years. They are beginning to look at what is available, the process involved and savings they will need.



Improvements to a section of footpath 21

Whilst the maintenance of footpaths is not in OPC’s remit, we have responded to resident’s concerns about a section of footpath 21. OPC approved the use £9,892 of s106 Highways Contributions from the Hatchwood/Montfort Place development for improvements to a section of this footpath between London Road and Farnham Road at an EGM on 18 December 2018.

HCC have advised that these works will commence on 29 January 2019. The appointed contractor has advised them that the works will take 2 weeks. In order to complete this work and to prevent the likelihood of danger to the public the Countryside Service at HCC has made an order to temporarily close part of footpath 21. Details of this closure can be viewed on the council’s website by following the link below:

Hart Vision 2040

Hart DC is currently consulting on a draft Vision 2040 – setting out how we would like Hart to look in 2040.  They are seeking views from residents and organisations up until 4pm on Thursday 31 January, following which the Vision will be reviewed in the light of comments received.  Further detail regarding the consultation, including how to respond can be found at