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As the lockdown continues there is a growing need for volunteers to shop for the elderly and vulnerable. Thank you to all those who have already signed up or taken the initiative themselves. The national level systems are taking a while to kick in and the County and District level are being passed back to Parish Councils. The HartisPrepared website will still not accept volunteers. So if you are willing and able to help please email cllrmcfarlane@odiham.org.uk We are trying to match one volunteer to one person needing help. That minimises the risk to both – you just do extra shopping when you shop for yourself. Also we are trying to match neighbours. If you are already helping someone PLEASE DO NOT STOP. It would be handy to let us know so we don’t duplicate. Please stay safe and look at the guidelines for doing so published here www.hartvolaction.org.uk/coronavirus/local-updates/