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The OPC are following national guidance which is evolving as the situation develops.  We are particularly concerned for those who may need help but are not on social media or cannot get online.  If you know someone in that situation please share as much information with them as you can.  There is also information below for those who want to help.

If you feel unwell or are vulnerable it is important you follow the current advice – the 111 telephone help line is there for those who cannot get on line – this is likely to include many in the most vulnerable groups.

One piece of advice is to arrange for family or friends to bring deliveries of essentials if you cannot get out because you are self-isolating or unwell.  It’s a good idea to set this up before you need help.  Remember DO NOT meet face to face – deliveries should be left at the door.

Many community minded residents are keen to help their neighbours.  Covid-19 Mutual Aid (a volunteer run organisation) recommends setting up a local group. It says ‘the smaller the better – a group that brings together those people who live on your street alone could be more effective and manageable than a district-wide support group.’ The Covid-19 Mutual Aid website provides advice on how to set up a local group, including important guidance on safety and security. You can also register your group so others can find it. https://covidmutualaid.org

Some residents, and local groups such as All Saints Church, Love Your Neighbour – Odiham on Facebook and local-community groups, are already using the attached form to contact their neighbours:  Corona help postcard

We suggest the best thing for volunteers to do is to print out the form above and deliver it around their neighbourhood, especially to those houses where they know elderly people may live.  Then those who are self isolating, who need help, will have somebody close to them to contact.

The find the latest information we are all encouraged to go online first wherever possible and this is the main website: