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Message from the Hart District Council on Flooding:
As many of you are aware we have had some flooding in the district following the heavy rain last week. Please can affected residents fill in the online flood survey. If you have been affected by raw sewerage flooding it is essential you report this directly to Thames Water. This can be done either via their online survey https://www.thameswater.co.uk/media-library/home/help/emergencies/flooding/sewer-flooding-questionnaire.pdf or by ringing 0800 316 9800.
Reporting flooding every time it happens is essential because it provides the evidence we need to bid for funding. An example of this is the August 2015 flood event where we had a enough reports of internal property flooding in Fleet to a) convince the Environment Agency and Hampshire County Council that there was a serious flooding issue in the area and b) to enable them to secure funding to investigate whether there are any viable flood mitigation options in Fleet. They have recently received this funding.
Even if home owners have reported their flooding in the past, it is worth reporting again. Multiple reports from the same property shows up where the highest risk of flooding is and therefore which areas should be priorities for protection.
The following useful guides are available to download below: