EXCITING NEWS – New play park on the way!

The Amenity Committee have selected a supplier to progress our project to update the play park at Recreation Road. Following months of work, the proposed scheme which is based on the recent community survey and schools engagement is available on our  Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/odihamparishcouncil.

This include a zip wire which came through as the item that the children at Mayhill made clear that they most wanted…….as well as a large multi play style structure that the children also strongly favoured.

The plan includes somewhere for parents and kids to shelter from the elements and a ‘pick up sticks’ style climber, both of which received strong positive feedback in our survey.

The proposal also includes multiple additional items to add variety, such as the ‘Crusader swing’, trampoline and a inclusive ‘basket swing’.

This ‘junior’ park will be positioned adjacent the the current ‘toddler’ park. Our plan has always been that parents have somewhere within our community that they can take their children that will cater for a mix of age groups.

Although this scheme is based on the research we have undertaken, we would value your thoughts and feedback before we double check that the children like it!

Our target completion date is the summer hols……….and we can’t wait to get cracking,

Next project – teen recreation!