The ONWNP was submitted to Hart District Council in August 2016. Hart DC has been progressing the Plan through an extended formal consultation beginning on 26 August and ending on October 14. The feedback that Hart DC has received has been made openly available to all on the attached link below. However OPC feels it appropriate to update the community on the current status of the NP.

Following the last “signing off” email (dated October 10) distributed by some of the volunteers who had previously been members of our Steering Group, concerns have been raised by Hart DC, which is now responsible for the Plan, relating to individuals withholding information. Hart now requires assurance that the Parish Council, as the organisation which owns the plan, has been furnished with all information collected since we started the Neighbourhood Plan process. This information is essential to satisfy the transparency requirements that Hart have made clear need to be followed for the plan to progress through to completion.

Given this ambiguity, OPC has been asked by Hart to audit the information that has been supplied by the Steering Group volunteers who were working on our behalf to ensure that every view, comment and opinion has been provided. This will ensure we can robustly answer questions from the examiner and also meet Freedom of Information obligations as a local public authority.

While this delay is regrettable, with some missing information still outstanding, the audit is now a necessity for the plan to progress.

OPC will keep the community advised of developments on the Plan’s progress and will confirm when Hart has been reassured that there has been a full disclosure of all the information required.