01256 702716 clerk@odiham.org.uk

PC Franks had sent an email report to clerk which was read out to the meeting. He advised that Hampshire Constabulary are aware of, and continue to work with staff at the children’s home known as the Mead. They have regular contact and meetings to address any concerns that are raised.

He asked for information from the community to let the police know what is happening in the area which ensures that they are intelligence led to allow them to respond, deter and convict, attending accordingly to matters which are affecting residents the most.

He advised that contact should be via Hampshire Constabulary via 101 (or 999 if deemed appropriate) and not by individual reports commenting via social media sites.

If asked that if anyone has any concerns which they would like to address regarding the police response (or perceived lack of or matters which involve staff / residents at this facility, please contact him via 101 or email him at: paul.franks@hampshire.pnn.police.uk