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The Hart  DC Ranger has informed us that the National Grid will be undergoing repair works on the Pylons at the Wayleave over the next few months.
Part of these works will include scrub/vegetation clearance under the pylons. They will be using a flail to cut back and mulch the area, we have given them permission for this as has Natural England.
This work will be beneficially overall as it will allow us to upkeep and manage the area in the future. The wayleave itself has sections of Acid Grassland which is a rare and important habitat, by managing this area with regular mowing with our in-house team we hope to enhance this habitat.
Machinery will be on site over the next few months. The current ground conditions are not great, but they will be using ground plates to prevent the common being churned up.
Odiham Parish Council part-funds the Ranger’s time through the precept to work at Odiham Common and Broad Oak.