The planning committee has enough information to have its own section on our website. Please see the Meetings Calendar for upcoming meetings, and view the associated Agendas & Minutes. We also have the Councillors Guide to Flooding, a page dedicated to the Deer Park and the most recent Residents Survey, carried out in 2012. You can also view the Village Design Statement, OPC guidelines for developers, the Neighbourhood Plan, and catch up with the latest Planning related News. Other useful documents include the Conservation Area Character Appraisal and Management Proposal on Hart District Council's website dated December 2008.

The Parish Council is a statutory consultee on planning applications.  This means that we have the right and the responsibility to give an opinion to Hart DC, the planning authority, on all applications and our intention is to take into account the view of residents.  In addition the committee:-

  • Monitor major development projects to try to ensure they comply with the planning conditions and consents that have been granted, alerting the enforcement officers at Hart DC if there is a problem.
  • is working to identify the means to provide adequate social housing to meet the needs of residents of the parish.
  • studies and responds to policy documents and plans produced by Hart DC which will determine the planning environment and policies on which planning decisions for the parish must be made.
  • develops initiatives and policies for adoption by Hart DC as planning guidance as part of the local planning framework, e.g. the Conservation Areas and statements and the Village Design Statement.

If you wish to comment on a planning application you are warmly invited to send your comments to the parish council as well as to Hart DC.  We are given the same time to respond to applications as all residents.

Members of the Committee are: Mark Faulkner - Chair; Jeremy Fellows; John Fleming; Jon Hale; James Robinson-Giannasi; David Stewart and Craig Worboys.

Please see the Councillors page for details.