Following OPC’s objection to planning application: 16/00606 for 35 dwellings on land south of Farnham Road (behind Hatchwood Cottage) two members of the planning committee met with the case officer at Hart last week to reinforce the councils position. The reality of the situation is that at this stage in the process (outline planning permission for 35 houses has already been granted) the layout and design of the application is unlikely to change. The development brings a children’s play area and a LEAP (locally equipped area for play – up to 12 years old) but neither are considered community facilities, being guided towards the residents of the development who will be paying for them through service charges.

OPC continues to object to the development in terms of the density of development and the appropriateness of the layout and design for the edge of Odiham’s settlement boundary. It is expected that the final decision will lie with Hart’s Planning Committee at a future meeting.