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Odiham Sports Centre Trust – Charity Registration No: 301909

Odiham Parish Council is the Sole Trustee of the land known as Chamberlain Gardens. In a letter dated 13 June 1968 from a solicitor it states that the property was conveyed originally by Mr W.G Boyce and numerous other citizens of Odiham to be held by them on the Trusts declared in the Trust Deed (dated 1948).  In 1957 the Parish Council applied to be prescribed as a Trust Corporation and the Ministry of Education made an order retiring the original Trustees and appointing the Parish Council in their place.  Hence the Parish Council hold the property on Charitable Trust.

At Chamberlain Gardens you will find:

  • A play area for younger children installed in October 2006.
  • A bowling green leased by Odiham and North Warnborough Bowls Club.  The lease was renewed in January 2016 for 25 years.
  • Three tennis courts, two of which are for the exclusive use of Odiham Tennis Club.  The third court is available for public hire.
  • The Beacon/hockey field which hosts our Beacon.  Part of this field is leased to Hampshire County for the use of Mayhill Junior School as a playing field.  The lease is for 20 years and began in November 2009.





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