Traffic and Transport Committee

The Traffic and Transport Committee’s main objectives are:

To allow safe, secure and easy passage for all forms of transport throughout the parish within planning guidelines. The committee is responsible for:

  • The direct provision of services covering lighting, roadside seating and litter bins. Most of these are owned and maintained by the Parish Council, though lighting maintenance is sub-contracted out to Hampshire County Council.
  • Working with Hart District Council, Hampshire County Council, the police and others on the provision of improved
  • Monitoring the state of public footpaths and ensuring access and maintenance standards are met.
  • Developing appropriate parking management schemes and promoting additional facilities ensuring the provision of sufficient safe crossing points on parish highways;
  • Ensuring the effective management of traffic volumes and speeds on all parish roads.

Cllrs appointed to the committee are: David Stewart (Chair), Rowena Coleman, John Coffey, Will MacPhee, John Raw and Carolyn Seabrook.

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Please see the councillors page for details.