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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the Parish Council to look at issues important to me?

There are two ways: the first is to contact the Executive Officer with the points you want to make and they will raise them with the Council; the second is to come along to the council meeting which are held on the first Monday of every month where we have a special session for any resident to address the Council on any point or question they want to raise. We are currently looking at additional ways we can make sure we fully understand what you want, and hopefully we will be able to announce some new initiatives in the near future.

What Does the Parish Council Actually Do?

The Parish Council has four main activities:

  • Provides directly some basic services for the residents. These include street lighting, our play areas, the recreation ground, the cemetery.
  • Owns and manages some community assets and amenities, for example the Firs, Rye Common, Colt Hill.
  • We are a statutory consultee on planning applications. The Parish Council must provide Hart District Council with an opinion which reflects residents’ views on all planning applications;
  • Work with other authorities on the provision of services and amenities such as traffic management, public toilets, parking, street cleaning, Odiham Common.
Why is the parish divided into wards?

The wards have been in place for a number of years to try and ensure equality of representation for residents in the different parts of the parish. The Odiham ward returns 6 councillors, North Warnborough has 3 councillors and the RAF has one. However, all councillors can participate fully in the activities of the Parish Council irrespective of the ward that elected them.

What is the Odiham Sports Centre Trust?

This is a trust that independently owns and manages the land in Chamberlain Gardens near to the Alms Houses. Some of the land is rented out to the Tennis Club and the Bowling Club. Odiham Parish Council is the sole Trustee.

Who Do I Contact if....

A street light is not working.
Hampshire Lighting on 0845 603 5633 quoting the street light number that should be shown on each light or on their interactive website map.

My dustbins haven’t been emptied on time
Hart DC on 01252 845312

There is a lot of litter in the area.
Hart DC on 01252 845312

There is an uneven or dangerous pavement.
Hart DC 01252 622122

A footpath is blocked or a style damaged
Hart DC 01252 622122

I want to extend or change my house and need to know about planning applications.
Hart DC Planning Help Line on 01252 774419

I want to object to a planning application
Add you comment to Hart DC’s website: http://publicaccess.hart.gov.uk/online-applications/

I want to report a flooding issue to Thames Water
Please contact them on 0800 3169 800 or via