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Village News & Events:

Rented affordable homes and rural exception scheme housing allocations within Hart

At the full Council meeting on 11th February, Hart District Council gave a presentation explaining how housing is allocated withing the Hart District.

Applications for both affordable housing homes and rural exception scheme homes are assessed against certain eligible criteria and homes are allocated to applicants meeting these criteria demonstrating the highest priority.

Rural exception scheme homes are first allocated to those on the register with a local connection and we are aware of a pending rural exception scheme planning application in Odiham.  If you can meet the required criteria and are interested in a property it is important to register on the Hart Housing Register https://www.hart.gov.uk/housing.

Have you been affected by flooding?

A message from Hart regarding the North Warnborough Pumping Station which failed over the weekend sending raw sewage into the River Whitewater:- 

Please can you get everyone who has been affected by the pumping station issue to fill in the Thames Water survey.


These then need to be posted to Thames Water.

If you have been affected by flooding anywhere else – particularly Mill Corner – it may help get action to also complete the survey.  It seems Thames Water consider the number of reports.


A message from the Community Safety Team at Hart

We would like to reiterate that all crimes need to be reported to either 101 or 999 depending on severity/urgency. Certain minor crimes can also be reported via https://www.hampshire.police.uk/. This will assist the Police in building a picture of any local issues, plan patrols and allocate resources appropriately.

The community safety team work closely with partner agencies and are available to assist in matters of crime and antisocial behaviour but this does not remove the need to formally report to the Police. The team can be contacted on 01252 774476 or communitysafetyteam@communitysafetynh.org.

Update on Mildmay Footpath

OPC has received confirmation from HCC that, at present, there are no recorded public rights over the path and therefore the Landowner is able to prevent the public from accessing the land.  The users may believe that the path should be a public right of way, but this is subject to a legal order being made to create the path, should it be deemed that there any rights to record.  We await a decision as to whether HCC deems such a legal order is appropriate.


Just a reminder to grave owners and families that all seasonal decorations such as Christmas wreaths and ornaments were due to be removed by 1 February 2020.

If you have not yet done so, it would be a great help if you could clear away any such items, please.  Perhaps you could take them home for disposal which would be appreciated?  Alternatively there are black bins near the taps.  Plant material only (NO plastic, wrappings or wired wreaths etc) can be put in the green bin for re-cycling.  Thank you for your help with keeping our cemetery tidy.

Mildmay Court Boundary

At the Full Council meeting on 14th January, OPC approved a boundary agreement with Medalstable Ltd, the management company at Mildmay Court. This agreement consents to the erection of a fence and gate on condition the gate is not locked pending a decision from HCC on the right of way. Please note the fence and gate are now in place and the gate is NOT locked and to date Mildmay have not locked the lower gate either. The right of way remains contested and will be settled by HCC in due course.