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Cardiac Arrest : What to do next

Basic Resuscitation training to be held on Tuesday 18th June at Mayhill Junior School , The Bury, Odiham ; doors open 7pm for a 7.30pm start.

It is everyone’s worst nightmare when someone collapses in front of you and it appears they have stopped breathing. However, what you do in the next few minutes might save a life.

Resuscitation (CPR) and using a defibrillator sounds very difficult and technical but this is not the case, everyone can do it.

Odiham Consolidated Charities has funded a defibrillator which will be sited close to the entrance to Odiham Cottage Hospital and it is hoped that this training evening will give you the confidence to take the necessary steps which might make all the difference to someone in difficulty.

The training will be led by Iain Tunstell who is a South Central Ambulance First responder, based in Odiham.

Tea and coffee will be provided on arrival.

If you would like to attend the course, please call Bridget Munns on 01420 590660 or email her at bridget.m@lfmca.co.uk .