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Neighbourhood Plan

It was resolved by the majority vote in June 2016 to set up a monitoring group for the NH Plan that would report back to the full council, consisting of the chairman of the council, chairs of committees and the clerk.

NH Plan MG Meeting Notes from 22 January 2018
Neighbourhood Plan Monitoring Report May 2018
NH Plan MG Meeting Notes from 16 April 2018
NH Plan MG  Meeting Notes from 29 August 2018
NH Plan Monitoring Report 2019
NH Plan MG Meeting Notes from 3 September 2019
NH Plan MG Meeting Notes from 4 February 2020
NH Plan Monitoring Report 2020

7 July 2017 – Following a positive referendum result, Hart DC has made the Plan part of the Development Plan at a council meeting on
29 June 2017.  To see the Decision Statement, the Plan and other relevant documents please visit www.hart.gov.uk/odiham or a hard copy can be viewed at Hart DC’s council offices.

Adopted Plan June 17

5 May 2017 – There was a 39% turn out on 4 May for the referendum on the NH Plan. 1299 voted in favour of the Plan, 178 voted against it and 19 ballot papers were rejected.  This is the conclusion of  years of work so a huge thank you once again to everyone who has contributed.

22 March 2017 – The referendum on the adoption of the NH Plan will be held on Thursday 4 May. Please visit https://www.hart.gov.uk/odiham for further details. All associated documents can also be viewed  in the Parish Office, Odiham Library, The Purcell Rooms, RAF Welfare & Community Centre and Hart DC offices.

10 February 2017 – Hart DC ‘s cabinet considered the Examiner’s report on the NH Plan at it’s meeting on 2 February.  The proposed changes were agreed and that subject to these changes, it was agreed that the Plan meets the “basic conditions”.  The Plan will now proceed to a local referendum based on the geographic boundary of Odiham Parish consistent with the defined Neighbourhood area. 6

February 2017 –  Hart DC have advised us that the following NH Plan currently have some weight in decision making:- Rotherwick NP  –  Adopted – full weight as part of the Development Plan Winchfield NP   – Substantial weight as has been through successful referendum Odiham NP       – Considerable weight as has been found at independent Examination to meet the Basic Conditions, subject to modifications. Examiner reports – The weight of a NH Plan relates to the modifications made to the policies in the Plan as a result of the Examiners recommendations.  The Examiners comments in themselves carry no development plan weight. 3 January

2017 – Following OPC submitting the Neighbourhood Plan to Hart DC in August, Hart DC have had the plan independently examined. The Examiner has produced a detailed report that can be read via the attached linked published on the Hart’s website: http://www.hart.gov.uk/sites/default/files/3_Visiting_Hart/Towns_and_parishes/Odiham%20NP%20Examiners%20report%20221216.pdf The Examiners report has recommended a range of modifications to the policies in the Plan. The structure and the format of the Plan remains. The various recommendations that Examiner has made concentrate on the proposed Local Gaps and the proposed Local Green Spaces. On the basis of the findings in this report the Examiner has recommend to Hart DC that subject to the incorporation of the modifications set out in this report, that the Odiham and North Warnborough Neighbourhood Plan should proceed to referendum. The next step is for Hart DC’s Cabinet to consider the Examiners modifications and decide whether to proceed to referendum.  We will keep you updated.

10 November 2016 – Please see the response from Hart DC with regards to the examiners question over the proposed care home and the representation made by Gladman Development Ltd concerning National Planning Policy on Hart DC’s website: http://www.hart.gov.uk/odiham. OPC’s responses to the examiners questions were give to Hart DC on 9 November.

7 November 2016 – Many within our community have specific areas of policy interest and focus related to our Neighbourhood Plan. One clear area of interest is the local gap, that protects the area between North Warnborough and Greywell.  This is something that OPC voted to include in our Plan. The below is quite detailed, but with such understandable interest in this (and other areas of the plan), we thought it useful to share an example of the specific advice that OPC (and Greywell PC) have had from Hart DC, on how OPC should be approaching the examiners question on the Local Gap. Hart have outlined to OPC that the clue about how to respond is given in the Examiner’s points of clarification – and it is this and only this that the Examiner wants clarified.  We are advised that he is making no comment whatsoever on the merits of the policy that we all see such value in. I the case of the Local Gaps the specific point the Examiner has asked OPC is: “Local Gaps The policy identifies a new Local Gap. I have read the justification in paragraph 3.24. Is there any published evidence that underpins this new designation either in general terms or in Appendix 1 in particular? Has the Parish Council relied on any elements of national planning policy to support this designation?” OPC have been advised that the Examiner has read our justification in the Plan for the Gap designation. What OPC have been told is that what the Examiner is now asking is very specific, with a focus on the word ‘published’: “Is there any published evidence that underpins this new designation either in general terms or in Appendix 1 of our plan in particular?”  It has been made clear to OPC that the Examiner is not asking for new material and that we are required in the response is to specifically point the Examiner to where that published evidence is referenced. We have also been advised that the second point is also very simple: “Has the Parish Council relied on any elements of national planning policy to support this designation?” The guidance we have received is that this is almost a simply yes or no answer. If “yes”  then all that if required is a reference to that policy. If it is “no” then nothing further needs to be said. For those of you with a interest in the Neighbourhood Plan and the Examiners questions, we hope that this detail has been useful in explaining how OPC have been advised and guided to answer the Examiners questions.

31 October 2016 – Following our last update – Hart District Council have received a list of questions from the independent examiner they have appointed to review our plan (see the below link).  As you will note, as well as praising several sections of the plan (well done all involved!), the examiner has addressed a variety of questions and points for clarification specifically to the Parish Council as the body responsible for the plan. Our response to these questions will be supplied to Hart District Council to respond to the examiner.  http://www.hart.gov.uk/sites/default/files/3_Visiting_Hart/Towns_and_parishes/Odiham%20Neighbourhood%20Plan%20Examiners%20Clarification%20note%202.pdf

28 October 2016 – The ONWNP was submitted to Hart DC in August 2016. Hart DC has been progressing the Plan through an extended formal consultation beginning on 26 August and ending on October 14. The feedback that Hart DC has received has been made openly available to all on the attached link below. However, OPC feels it appropriate to update the community on the current status of the NP. Following the last “signing off” email (dated October 10) distributed by some of the volunteers who had previously been members of our Steering Group, concerns have been raised by Hart DC, which is now responsible for the Plan, relating to individuals withholding information. Hart now requires assurance that the Parish Council, as the organisation which owns the plan, has been furnished with all information collected since we started the Neighbourhood Plan process. This information is essential to satisfy the transparency requirements that Hart have made clear need to be followed for the plan to progress through to completion. Given this ambiguity, OPC has been asked by Hart to audit the information that has been supplied by the Steering Group volunteers who were working on our behalf to ensure that every view, comment and opinion has been provided. This will ensure we can robustly answer questions from the examiner and also meet Freedom of Information obligations as a local public authority. While this delay is regrettable, with some missing information still outstanding, the audit is now a necessity for the plan to progress. OPC will keep the community advised of developments on the Plan’s progress and will confirm when Hart has been reassured that there has been a full disclosure of all the information required. http://www.hart.gov.uk/sites/default/files/3_Visiting_Hart/Towns_and_parishes/Odiham%20NP%20summary%20of%20submission%20responses.pdf

10 October 2016 – Following our previous updates, our NH Plan is reaching the end of its consultation with Hart DC.  If you would like to make any comment on the Plan before it is sent to be reviewed by the appointed independent examiner, you have until 4pm on Friday 14 October. We would like to once again thank everyone who has inputted throughout the Plan process.  Especially the Steering Group of community volunteers and Cllrs, whose time and effort were invaluable in helping us prepare the Plan.  With their role having concluded and involvement in the Plan having reached its natural conclusion, the group has now been formally disbanded. We will continue to keep you up to date as the Plan progresses. OPC meeting 5 September 2016 – It was noted that OPC would not be extending the SG’s delegated authority, which ended with the submission of the Plan to Hart DC. Thanks were expressed for all of the work by the SG to get the Plan to Hart DC and it was hoped that OPC would be able to call on them in the future for assistance if required. Hart DC is now carrying out the required consultation on the NH Plan.  The consultation period is between 26 August and 4pm on 14 October.  All representation must be made to Hart DC and must be in writing.  Hard copies are available at Hart DC’s offices, OPC’s offices, Odiham Library, The Purcell Rooms and RAF Welfare & Community Centre. Public Notice for Odiham Neighbourhood Plan Submission representation form ONW Submission Plan July 2016 OPC Meeting 26 July 2016 – It was resolved to approve the submission of the NH Plan to Hart DC subject to the suggested formatting issues that Cllrs Robinson-Giannasi and Steve Blandford will make to the Plan together. OPC Meeting 6 June 2016 – The main debate surrounded the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group’s recommendation to seek the community’s input on how to proceed with the Plan given the new uncertainty from Hart District Council over housing numbers – and the development regards the loss of the proposed C2 care home’s anticipated contribution towards our future housing target, with the risks this represent.

The Parish Council agreed to support the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group’s recommended question to ask the community how it wishes to proceed given these developments.

It was confirmed that asking the Steering Group’s proposed question would not create a delay, as this could happen concurrently with the Parish Council’s approval of the plan – once it has been finished, formally approved by the Steering Group and is ready for our final review before we submit it to Hart.

18 May 2016 – OPC REPORT from the NH Plan Steering Group informal question and answer meeting with OPC. 20-11-15 NH Plan Schedule Please click here to view the schedule of the Plan Odiham Parish Council published the Neighbourhood Pre-Submission Plan for 6 weeks of consultation according to Regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 in October 2015. This was an important step in the Neighbourhood Plan’s progress as the first formal consultation phase from a legal perspective. Representations were required to be submitted by 30 November 2015. For details of the Pre-Submission Plan and supporting material in full, please see the Onward Plan website at: http://onwardplan.com/presub. As this is a necessarily long and formal planning document, the Introductory Summary prepared by the Steering Group gives an overview of content. Thank you for your continued interest and involvement in the Neighbourhood Plan. NH Plan SG’s terms of reference On Monday  7 April 2014, Odiham Parish Council resolved to lead the production of a Neighbourhood Plan with the intention that the Plan’s priorities should be:

    • the allocation of sites for the new houses the Hart District Local Plan will allocate to the parish later this year
    • the provision of associated infrastructure such as roads, open spaces, and recreational and other community facilities
    • housing affordability including both  market and social housing.

A steering group is now creating the plan for the parish to determine where new housing should go, increase the provision of affordable housing and establish what new facilities and amenities the residents would like to see.  For the latest information please visit: http://onwardplan.com/