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Residents’ Survey on Future Housing Sites – 2012

Please see Future Housing Sites Survey for the initial report on the survey responses and the parish council’s recommendations to Hart DC.

Please see Housing survey base data for the base data from the surveys.

Please see Housing survey data sorted for the data sorted into categories – valid and invalid* responses from Odiham, North Warnborough, RAF and other.
*Invalid responses were those in which scores from 1-17 were not used as specified.


Please note that the information for each site varies somewhat. Those at the bottom of the list are recent additions and Hart has not yet been able to complete the analysis carried out for the earlier sites, so we give here such information as provided by the landowners.

Regardless of the information level, the sites have all been accepted as having potential for housing, though not all will be considered equally suitable by professional planners. We therefore include the map showing planning constraints. In most cases these mean extra care would have to be taken, not that sites are impossible to develop.

Please click on the links to see more detail for that site.

Map showing planning constraints

Map of potential sites (as on the inside page of the survey)

Individual site information:

Site A Land at Hook Road/Bridge Road, opposite The Cat

Site B Land at Mill Corner, North Warnborough

Site C Land adjoining Rough’s Cottage, near Derbyfields, North Warnborough

Site D Land to rear of Chilli Pad (ex Jolly Miller pub)

Site E Land at Dunley’s Hill

Site F Rear garden of 4 Western Lane, Odiham

Site G Close Meadow, Alton Road, Odiham

Site H Land adjacent to Archery Fields

Site J Land adjacent to Swan Inn Bridge

Site K Albion Yard & rear field, west of The Cat

Site L Land to the rear of Longwood, West Street

Site M Bottom of Dunleys Hill, adjacent to Crumplins Yard

Site N Land to south and west of cricket pitch (Jenhams Field)

Site O Land to south of Crownfields, Recreation, Buffins and Salmons Roads

Site P Land adjoining Odiham tennis courts

Site Q Land to the rear of Buryfields School, and The Mead and New House, south west of King

Site R Land west of Adams Farm, North Warnborough Street

Safeguarded site Land adjacent to Queen’s Road

If you have a query, please email planning.consultation@odiham.org.uk