Update on Hart’s Local Plan consultation – how many houses in the parish (17/11/14)

Hart is starting the process of producing a new Local Plan following its consultation this autumn. The current proposal, still to be agreed by Hart’s full council at the end of November, is to combine options and to work further on the basis of a new settlement initially of up to 2,400 houses, at Winchfield (consultation option 4); 150 – 200 houses in Odiham, Greywell, South Warnborough and Long Sutton (option 5); up to 650 around other settlements in the district (option 2); and up to 600 as a single “strategic urban extension” (option 3) on a site to be determined.

As part of the consultation, Hart also issued a “call for sites”, inviting landowners to put forward land for development, from which sites will be chosen as part of the Local Plan process. A number of landowners in the parish did come forward, offering sites off Bagwell Lane, in Broad Oak, and two large ones in North Warnborough, including Lodge Farm, with a proposal for 1700 houses! It must be stressed that these are what landowners are offering, not what Hart – or the Neighbourhood Plan is selecting. If Hart needs 150 – 200 houses in the parish, many of the sites offered (including the ones covered in our survey from 2 years ago and these more recent ones) will not be needed.

See Odiham Parish SHLAA sites – Oct 2014 for a map of the sites.

Map of Sites offered by landowners in Odiham Parish (within the thick black line):
These sites are known as “SHLAA” sites, that is sites registered in Hart’s Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment, and the numbers refer to Hart’s registration numbers for each site (SHL xxx).  To help parishioners find details of the sites, we will be creating our own links to them shortly.

Meanwhile, http://www.hart.gov.uk/Evidence-base takes you to the relevant section of Hart’s web site. When there, scroll a long way down to Documents  – Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment and then to SHLAA sites submitted since November 2013 (please note not all these sites have full assessments), under which you will find all such sites including those in Odiham parish – the SHL number on the map of sites refers back to the relevant number on the map.